Mactracker 7.9

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Adds detailed information about all recent hardware and operating system releases, including the refreshed Mac Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, and iPhone 11 models. (Free, 124 MB)

The new version does not display in My Models the models that I added in a previous version. Is there an Import function that would pull in the information from a previous version?

Not sure what to tell you. Mine still has all my models displayed, which I presume are contained in a .plist with the rest of my preferences, so I don’t see how you might be able to import anything. The information could not have been stored within the older app itself, so I can only guess that your .plist has disappeared or become corrupted.


Confirmed all my models stuff here, now running MacTracker 7.9.1


Thanks, Al. I’ll add the various devices to the new MacTracker and see if they stick this time.

Was my problem with My Models not propagating to the new version perhaps related to my installing the new version from the .zip file (and then moving it from the folder with the .zip file and overwriting the previous version) rather than updating in-app? If My Models info is stored in a .plist, this seems unlikely, but I’m wondering why I lost the My Models info.

The iOS version remains not updated for 6-months. Wonder if Ian is still maintaining it?

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I corresponded with him recently since people were worried he had stopped Mactracker entirely. He said he was just really busy. Combine that with App Store approval requirements and my guess is that the iOS version is simply delayed, somewhere along the pipeline.


The iOS version was updated yesterday. It seems to now have data for all current devices and accessories.

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