Macs with HDMI output for streaming high-def surround-sound audio

I’d like a Mac with HDMI output for streaming high-def surround-sound audio.

Fortunately, Apple makes several models with HDMI output:

The HDMI capability for all of the above is one monitor at up to 4K resolution at 60Hz or one and DVI display via an adapter.

Only the iMac and the lower-end laptops don’t have built-in HDMI ports.

Do these put out high-def surround audio?

Any shipping Mac should be able to output straight to HDMI. Either native or with one of these. Supports audio too.

Audio is supported. It should support any audio format that your media player software supports.

I’ve personally played DVDs with DTS audio on my old MacBook Air via HDMI (and a SuperDrive). Nothing that spectacular, but I don’t have media encoded with anything more advanced.

A few more useful links:

Macs with Mini DisplayPort output from 2010 and later support audio when used with an HDMI adapter: Send audio and video to HDMI displays through Mini DisplayPort - Apple Support

When connected to a Surround-capable audio device, the Audio MIDI Setup utility can be used to customize the interface, including levels, channel assignments and speaker positions for non-multiplexed audio (like uncompressed PCM).

This article is several years old, but should still be applicable: Outputting 5.1 Channel Surround Sound fro… - Apple Community. Be sure to read the entire (7-page) discussion thread, because there some aspects to configuration that you may not find intuitive. (e.g. you can only select/configure what the Mac can see, which means your amplifier must be turned on and the Mac selected as its source before you can configure surround sound.)