macOS photos - stop opening import window when iPhone plugged in

I use MacOS photos for my primary DAM for my photos, and when I’m on my iMac, I’m probably in the middle of culling, rating and/or editing photos from my latest photo shoot.

So when I plug in my iPhone or iPad to charge or backup & sync via the finder, the photos app will automatically switch to the import photos from iPhone or iPad pane, losing my place in the album I am currently working on.

It it possible to turn off this behavior? I know about the “not open photos for this device” checkbox, it is unchecked and it does not help. I do not see anything relevant in preferences.

I’m not afraid of the terminal, so if there is any “defaults write …” commands I could do, please let me know,

If it matters, I’m on Monterey.

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You can do it via the Image Capture app. Launch it, select your phone, and then click the “…” button on the toolbar:

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 10.41.13

Select the app you want to auto-launch (or “No application”) when the device is connected.

Thanks for the tip, however I do already have it set that way and it does not solve the problem. Photos, if it is not open, will not open when I plug it in, but if it is open, Photos will switch to the import pane.

Yeah, your problem is clearly not the app call itself, but that Photos will—when running—react to plugging in an iOS device. It always does that and unfortunately I know of no option to prevent that. :(

Does the same behaviour occur if Photos is running but not active?

Yes it does.