macOS' Photos app wants to import iPhone's already imported images until I reboot iPhone to fix this issue

Using local lightning->USB cables and not using iCloud, macOS Ventura v13.6.x, iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS v17.x; has almost 20K of medias [mostly images]), etc.

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon.

Please explain “until I reboot”. After you reboot the phone, and then try again, it stops suggesting there are pix to import? And so it’s not reproducible?

Or it’s reproducible the next time you take a pic and import it once?

I can temporarily fix this duplicate imports issue by rebooting iPhone. Eventually, the issue returns later on (not right away).

Have you tried allowing one or more of these and then in Photos you see two identical photos?

Yes, they get reimported or don’t show which is so weird.

I have the same problem here on my Sierra Mac.
My Photos library is on an external drive.
It happens with my iPhone & iPad (both fully up to date) and also with my camera cards.
It’s been happening now for about a year and I’ve decided I just have to live with it.
A couple of other issues that may be linked, quite often, moving photos from a shared folder into Photos sometimes causes Photos to freeze. My work-around is to only transfer no more than 6 images at a time (bit of a pain sometimes), and a new one that showed up on Monday for the first time.
I was pulling some images out of Photos into a desktop folder to get ready to upload to eBay, something I’ve been doing for years. Try as I may, although the display indicated that the photos were being copied into the receiving folder (green dot & number etc.) the images didn’t move and the folder remained empty.

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