macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

What happened to these…can’t seem to find them in Ventura. Used to have option command P set to Save as PDF… so that it was easy to print directly to PDF from the print dialog but that’s gone now unless they hid it someplace else besides Keyboard.

Are you talking where it is? Have you tried just searching for it?

I found this

and then clicking on that highlighted button should allow you to select App Shortcuts under which you have All Applications and there you can select something for Save as PDF.

Ahh…missed it…was confused by the new layout of settings. All I saw originally was the Launchpad and Dock which comes up pre-selected and did not notice that the left column had changed. I did need to edit my previous shortcut because they added the ellipsis after Save as PDF. Dunno how I missed that.

So…problem solved on where it was. Thanks.