macOS installer for a Mac mini (2011)

I apologize for starting this sort of topic in this forum, but I am stumped.

My wife died.
– I thought I knew the administrator password for her Mac mini (mid 2011). But… nope.
– Then tried all the usual approaches to dealing with lost password.
– So I used Recovery to erase the encrypted drive and then to launch Install Lion (the only OS choice). To keep this short, that fails. Magnificently.
– So I went to the Apple App Store for the High Sierra the installer. I click Get and the process starts, then fails: “Update not found.”
– So, somehow, I found a link directly to a copy on Apple servers. Bug Sur on a macPro (2019) refused to download that file, stating security considerations.

I urgently need to repartition a hard drive, keeping HFS+ encrypted.
The mini is perfect for that. And I have other uses for it.

If no advice, then what forums?

Cordially,* Joaquin

* and plaintively

Oops. It was Sierra I tried to download
(from How to download macOS - Apple Support ).

“File not downloaded. Potential security risk.”

As you probably know, the highest macOS for this Mac is High Sierra 10.6.3, it came with Lion when new.

You may find useful tips for your download here:

So sorry to hear of your wife’s passing, Joaquin.

Some useful links in that article, thanks @mHm.

Thanks to both.

The article sure is comprehensive. Does not have an immediate solution for me. I’ll be busy for a day or two with other matters, then will report further.

I think you meant 10.13.6 for High Sierra.

Yes of course, sorry for the silly typo.

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