MacBook Air M3 issues with external monitor

We bought a new MacBook Air M3 to replace an aging Intel MBA. On arrival we simply migrated everything to the new MBA, unplugged the old MBA from the (Belkin) hub and plugged in the new MBA. The hub connects to a monitor and several USB ports.

Everything works OK apart from the fact that when we wake the MBA from sleep the monitor does not wake. All the setting are correct and we have troubleshooted (extensively) with Apple. The only way we can get the monitor to wake is by physically unplugging/plugging the hub from the MBA.

I understand there have been issues with 14.4 and hubs, but the Intel MBA worked without issues and was on 14.4. Has anyone with one of the new M3 MBAs experienced similar issues?

We have arranged for Apple to replace the MBA (only had it 5 days) as we do not know how long it will take for the next software update to come out.

Can you not, at least temporarily, plug in the monitor directly to the MBA and use the hub only for USB ports?

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Indeed, this does resolve the issue. I suspect it is a 14.4 issue but can’t be certain.

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It sure sounds that way. MacRumors has a rundown of all of the issues with hubs with 14.4. That article does say:

While Apple works on a fix, a handful of users have had some success by changing the setting “Allow accessories to connect” to “Ask for new accessories” under the Security section of System Settings ➝ Privacy & Security.

This sounds like more of a fix with USB peripherals, but perhaps worth a try. I just checked - mine was set that way already. But I don’t have any hubs, or even an external monitor.

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I think you’re right. My screen and peripherals are attached via TB4 hub and I have seen no such issues.

Having to disconnect the screen from the hub and plug both in directly is inconvenient, but until Apple gets this properly fixed, that is likely the necessary workaround.

I have also experienced issues with an external monitor connected via USB4 dock if I don’t boot up / shut down while the dock is connected. I have a lot of devices connected as well. I have two OWC docks and they have a an app to safely disconnect the docks but even if that app is used there can be issues. My MacBook Pro M2 would still think the monitor is connected after disconnecting the dock. In the end I have started to always power on/off the computer if I need to remove it from the dock. Since it is at home that works. If I had the same behaviour at a work it would drive me crazy but there I use a Windows laptop and there are only monitors, keyboard and mouse connected.

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I did actually try this before contacting Apple, unfortunately did not resolve…

Are you sure that is what that app does?
On the TB docks I have used such an app usually just ejects all disks connected through that dock so that you can safely disconnect the cable to the dock. It doesn’t somehow “eject” the dock or turn it off. That monitor would be seen by the Mac as connected until the dock is actually unplugged from the Mac (or the monitor from the dock).

There was a x.x.1 update to iOS and iPadOS yesterday so I imagine we’ll see one for macOS in the next few days. It’s not clear what the issue with USB is though…reports are all scattered and it could have something to do with either the hardware or software since you upgraded from an Intel machine. It could also be something to do with the hub being an older version (2 or 2.1 or whatever) of USB…but I think it’s fair to say that Apple’s probably working on figuring it out and fixing it.

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You are probably right… but the problem is anyhow there. My MacBook has continued to ”use” the disconnected monitor after I have unplugged the USB4 cable.

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macOS 14.4.1 is out, with a note that an issue with hubs connected to external displays has been fixed. I hope this fixes it for you.

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Indeed, updated half an hour ago and just testing. I think issue resolved but need a bit longer to confirm.

Unfortunately the update has not resolved the issue…

It did not fix the new issue I have that my monitor changes the intensity setting after the screen has been at sleep. Thinking of calling Apple support regarding it because it is similar to a very old issue when the LG 5K Thunderbolt monitor was new. It was later solved but seems to have re-surfaced after a few years.