Mac won't start up to Startup Manager

Currently running High Sierra on laptop. Pressing the Option key at startup should get to the Startup Manager, but it is just a normal startup. Tried both Option keys, no effect. It does start in safe mode when pressing the Shift key so it appears keyboard working OK.
Any ideas?

Are you using a wired or wireless keyboard.

Can you reset the NVRAM and SMC? Those require startup keys and also might play into why the Startup Manager isn’t working.

Problem solved! - it was a bad usb memory stick. I had formatted and loaded a macOS installer onto the usb memory in order to do a clean install of macOS. It appears the Startup Manager could not recognize this usb memory and instead the machine would just boot normally.

Finally tried a different usb memory stick and then every thing worked as expected :smile: Don’t know why the first usb memory would not work, Disk Utility never complained, and copying the installer onto it worked normally. I may troubleshoot some more when I have time.

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Oh - and I forgot to add: its an old 2013-era MacBook Air so keyboard is wired in. And Adam - thanks for those tips, will file them away for future reference. I had forgotten about the NVRAM and some of the issues it could cause/fix. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

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