Mac mini fan noise

here’s a wrinkle similar to Mac Studio fan noise.

just rebooted my m2 minimac after it started roaring like a jet about to take off into the wild blue. before rebooting, checked istat menus. saw nothing untoward in the process table. “cpu core average” was reporting 38°c, which also appears about normal.

had been working through the bass tab of “starless” on songster. running on firefox 113.0.2 directing audio to my ancient focal xs system (still sounds amazing for a $500 system). this combination (songster/firefox/focal) has never overwhelmed the computer before.

checked the internets to see if “m2 mac mini fan noise” resulted in relevant hits. nope. just general rabbiting about how to spec the thing.

first time to actually hear the fans on this box after several months of ownership. tempted to run handbrake on some of the rips i’ve not yet converted. just to see what happens.

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Anything physical at work? New location for it , or summer heat through a window, or trapped dust buildup?

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none of the above. that’s why it was such a surprise.