Mac Folklore Radio

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This quote from @david19 reminded me that I’ve been meaning to mention the podcast Mac Folklore Radio on here. As its strapline says, ‘Comfort food for Macintosh users of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s’. Derek choses interesting magazine articles from the past and reads them out, supplemented with ‘sidebars’ he inserts basted on further research relevant to the topic. I find it both fascinating and comforting as it takes me back to the 90s and reading all the magazines and books about the Mac that I could get my hands on. It strikes me that a number of people on TidBITS Talk will enjoy (and there’s only one episode per month, so it’s not overwhelming). An episode I recently enjoyed was this one, both for its technical details of how A/UX worked and the evolution of Mac OS X: