Mac App Store Malfunction on Mojave

After installing Mojave Security Update 2020-004 (not the latest 005, haven’t installed that one yet), Mac App Store shows that I have a number of software updates as it often does. When I click the “update” button for any update, the progress wheel spins for 10 - 20 seconds and then just stops. Nothing downloads.

I can download any software except for updates without problems on the Mac App Store. If I delete the update and search for it manually and download it, it works fine.

Anyone else having this problem? I’ve tried everything I can find on the net to resolve the problem to no avail. My first post, at wits end, been to TidBITS many times over the years.

Had same problem last week around when iOS 14 was released. My guess is a problem on Apple’s end. This week it’s been ok.

mas worked for me last week. It’s a command line app that interacts with the Mac App Store. Even then, i needed to run it a few times.

Thanks kindly, much appreciated.

That unfortunately didn’t work.

I see others are having these issues, I tried everything on this page with no success:

You are not alone. Your comment above is the only step that worked for me - delete the App which is requesting the update and download a fresh copy. Pretty frustrating.

I still can’t figure out if it was the installation of Safari 14 or if it was the installation of Mojave Security Update 2020-004 that caused my Mac App Store to malfunction when trying to download updates. I did these two updates a few days apart (the security update first and then Safari).

As I noted in my first post, luckily I did not install the latest Mojave 2020-005 Security Update. It no longer shows in Software Update and I see that it has been pulled ("page you’re looking for can’t be found):

Any others out there unable to download updates using the Mac App Store, progress wheel just spinning for 10 - 20 seconds and then stopping?

Yes, I thought this is a known symptom of the 005 security update?

I didn’t realize it was that widespread.

You should see that there has been another macOS Supplemental Update 10.14.6 made available late tonight. This includes a Safari 14 update which may or may not replace your current version. After installing the latest Supplement, you should see a new posting of Security Update 2020-005 appear. You may want to wait awhile before trying that as nobody I’ve been following has done that yet.

Thanks for letting me know, I thought this Supplemental Update included Security Update 2020-005. I will wait and see how others make out first (see if there are as many “bricks” this time around).

Yes, the Security Update 2020-005 is not included in the Supplemental Update and I was wrong about not being able to see the former until you installed the latter. Turns out I told Software Update to ignore the Security Update. When I cleared that it did appear for me.

There’s a posting by Mr. Macintosh that appears to cover all scenarios

Thanks for clarifying.

Hi in response to this older thread - I have Mojave V10.14.6 I have been having issues updating apps via App Store for months now occasionally it will work but usually it looks like it is downloading but nothing happens then it drops back to Update again. I found a workaround this morning. Download a free application from the app store then try updating and it seems to work fine. Hope this helps others.