M1 Max MBP stopped charging; shut down & restart fixed it

One evening I noticed my M1 Max MacBook Pro battery level was 14%. That was odd, because I charge it overnight and hadn’t used it much during the day. I plugged its charger into a USB port and double-checked the battery icon in the status bar, which I usually don’t bother to do. It didn’t show the lightning bolt that indicates the computer was charging.

I checked that the power receptacle that the charger was plugged into was good, I reconnected the cable at each end, swapped the cable for a spare, swapped the charger for a spare, then swapped both and plugged into a different receptacle, but it still wasn’t charging. I didn’t have my MagSafe cable with me (I was away from home) so I couldn’t try that. With thoughts of a damaged USB-C port or other hardware and with only 13% battery left, I shut down to consider the situation. Then I thought “Maybe software!” and restarted the machine, still plugged in. Logged in, and voila: it started charging!

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It’s a bug with either the new hardware or with Monterey. I’ve experienced the same thing on my 14" MBP.

Only a restart will get it to start charging again. There’s no issue with the charger, cable, or the USB port you choose. Unfortauntely, the only thing right now that will fix it is a true Windows style reboot. :man_shrugging:

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