Lyft integration in Apple Maps

Does anybody know what happened to Lyft integration in Apple Maps? When using Maps to get directions I used to be able to tap a ride share button and that would show me Lyft options. Another tap on one of those would take me straight to the Lyft app and order my ride. Whatever happened to that?

Googling the question, I found a tweet from Lyft Support, “Hey there! We recommend checking the communications we’ve sent you as we announced that the Apple Maps integration for the Lyft app has been removed in iOS version 5.40.” The Version History for the app in the App Store doesn’t go back that far so I can’t say if it was mentioned. An advanced search of their tweets finds other ones saying the same thing, it’s been gone since August 22nd.

Thanks, Curtis.

Well that’s a real bummer. Wonder why they would remove a useful and popular feature like that.