LPCAMM2 memory

Of course, today this form factor is only available on one Lenovo laptop (and one Dell laptop using a pre-standard form factor), but hopefully it will catch on as in industry standard in the near future. What I saw in the iFixit video looks very promising.

But I’m not holding out hope for Apple to adopt it because, well, it’s Apple and they’ve got their reasons. More seriously, their Unified Memory that puts the RAM on the CPU package will probably perform better, but at a cost of being nearly impossible to upgrade.

I’m hoping to see some performance comparisons between LPCAMM2 and Apple Unified Memory (if it is possible to design one, of course). If their performance is similar, then I, for one, would really like Apple to use it, in the name of upgradability. And for their bean-counters, it would probably reduce their costs, since they wouldn’t need a separate CPU package for each memory configuration. But I’m still not counting on it.

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