Lost Feature In Attaching files in Browser/Gmail

Mac OS Big Sur or Firefox/Google Chrome seems to have eliminated a feature for which I cannot find a configuration to reset. It could be a Finder issue, but selecting Show Preview for files in a Finder window has not corrected the new lack of features in the browsers

Big Sur 11.6.3 and 11.6.4 > Firefox > Gmail > Email compose > Add/Browse for file to Attach … > no preview of the intend file.
the only work around is to select icon view in the attachment process

I don’t have Big Sur installed anywhere anymore, but I just verified that I can preview files in Firefox on Monterey using the method you describe.

I was being a bit dumb … but in this case perhaps Firefox changed a setting on a recent update, cuz I know I didn’t

choosing Column view in the attachment/finder pane gets things back to previewing the attachment.
sheesh, my bad.
I will put myself in the class detention corner now