Looking for a remote that will work with an Apple TV

I have recently increased my usage of my AppleTV and the remote is driving me crazy. Can anyone recommend a compatible remote?

Use your iPhone?

Hi Betty!

Use an iOS device and run the remote app on it. It works very much the same but gives you a keyboard when doing search.



We published an article about one such remote back in October.

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Thank you Adam. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Thanks again!!!

The Function101 remote is quite good and solves a lot of the design flaws of the Apple TV remote. But note that there are a couple occasionally used functions that the Apple remote does that the Function101 one won’t, so you’ll still need to keep the original around.

Glenn may have mentioned this in the review. None the less, it’s a small price to pay for a more functional remote that works for 98% of what you need it to do.

And my original order got a little messed up (they charged me but didn’t ship due to an internet glitch) and the Function101 customer support was very responsive and helpful. Quality all around.

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I received the function101 remote yesterday and it is working great.

Thank you and thanks to Adam.

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I purchased the Function101 off of Tidbits’ review, too. I like it but would LOVE it if the buttons would illuminate like the Xfinity Remote does when I pick it up. In a dark room, it is hard to remember which button does what!? :wink:

I use my Harmony remote. While my model is no longer made any IR based model will work. Occasionally I miss the touchpad and Siri. I also use my iPhone’s Remote Control app at times for scrubbing.