Looking Back on Past April Fools Day TidBITS Issues

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Happy April Fools Day! We have no jokes or pranks this year, but here’s a look back through our April Fools efforts in past years that proved prescient.

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Your second paragraph nails it Adam. Sad, but so true.

Maybe April the 1st could become the day when we must only make true statements about something that is often lied about. I’m not holding my breath.

Best Mac April Fools, Day joke I’ve seen this year:

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I wanted to point out the blurb for issue #270 from 1995, which is the most Gen X lede ever written:

Welcome once again to yet another issue of TidBITS. This week brings you some irrelevant articles about topics you probably don’t give a damn about. In fact, just pack it up and don’t read this issue. Go outside, get some sun, and have a life, okay? You probably need the disk space anyway, and besides, I was sick last week, so you might come down with a nasty throat infection coupled with a cold if you’re exposed to this file. Sniff.


suck.com’s tone didn’t come from nowhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really don’t remember—that was 27 years ago—but it might have been inspired by Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Thanks Adam, for the article, especially the 2nd paragraph editorial.

As a previous commenter stated, you nailed it. I am so sick of the mess.

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Well I don’t like the second paragraph at all. There is always room for levity and fun.

You can’t write a funny April Fool’s article because, what, Trump or Fox News or something? Come on!

Your best days don’t need to be behind you. Next year, come out swinging! You got this!

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