Logitech Combo Touch: Love at First Type

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2020/05/28/logitech-combo-touch-love-at-first-type/

If you have a recent Touch ID iPad but have been lusting after a new iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard, the $150 Logitech Combo Touch might make you fall in love with your iPad all over again.

Josh, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your review. I don’t regularly use my iPad anymore and I’m not really interested in using an iPad with a keyboard, but I still wanted to briefly check and see how you describe this thing compared to the fancy new Apple iPad keyboard. Unlike what I was expecting, I ended up reading all the way to the very end. It was just so well written and really enjoyable to learn what you experienced and hear your thoughts. Congrats! And thank you, Sir.


Thanks so much!

I have a prior generation 12.9” Pro that isn’t compatible with the new Magic Keyboard case. Shame this isn’t available for me either because it would be a no brainer. Apple is going to have to wait a while for me to shell out the money for a new iPad.

Thanks for the review Josh, am keen on picking one of these up for my Air when released this side of the water, still says preorder over here. Do you find it thick at all, it looks fairly chunky in photographs, just wondered what it felt like in hand.

It’s pretty chunky, but I don’t think much about it because I have small children so all my fragile electronics are armored up. It’s bulkier than my Smart Keyboard, but also offers more protection. It’s about 3/4-inch thick all together.

I have an iPad Pro 10.5 inch and a Smart Keyboard. I bought them as a set just over 2 years ago, and now the Smart Keyboard isn’t recognized. I’ve tried most of the non-destructive troubleshooting tips, and I even Reset All Settings, but it still doesn’t work. This Logitech keyboard looks enticing, but it also uses the 3 side connectors to operate.

Has anyone used this keyboard to replace a non-functioning Smart Keyboard?

@jcenters I’ve ordered… should be here in a few days. Looking forward to a reboot of my relationship to my iPad.

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Yes, I didn’t mention in my review, but my Smart Keyboard died too. I guess they have a limited lifespan.

Just to chime with @jcenters here. After a week with this on my iPad Air v3, it has become a firm fave. Really terrific.


@tommy I’m so glad you love it! My wife still loves hers, with the only complaint being that she sometimes has to detach the keyboard and reattach it to get it working.

Yes it’s fantastic. I too have occasionally to detach to get it to recognise the keyboard but that’s a minor thing. Generally it’s perfect. I can’t imagine the iPad without it now.