Login failed again!

Hi Adam,

Usually I can log in to TidBits with no problem, but every once in a while the site refuses to recognize me, regardless of how many times I try. No, I am not typing my password wrong, I double- and triple-checked it. (Makes no difference whether I type it or paste it in from my database.)

Could be because I’m using old browsers on my old Mac (I tried Firefox and Chrome, both old, neither worked)… but if that’s the problem, why does it usually let me log in? I tried clearing the cache, didn’t help.

If I can ever get my less-old iMac working again (currently it’s too flaky to use) and install a newer macOS and a current browser on it… maybe these problems will go away… we’ll see. In the meantime, any enlightenment would be helpful… do any other users report intermittent/unpredictable login problems?

Thanks much,

My guess, and this is just a guess, is that it could have to do with various protection technologies in WordPress to block spammers and bots. It is possible that old browsers are more likely to suffer from these.

When you do get in after failures, what has changed? Different browser, restarting the Mac, etc?