Logic Pro 10.8

Originally published at: Logic Pro 10.8 - TidBITS

Brings a bevy of new features to Apple’s professional audio app. ($199.99 new, free update, 1.2 GB, macOS 13.5+)

It’s a lot of cool stuff - The mastering plugin is neat but I’d really like Apple to fess up about where they are using AI in their software.
I have been using BX mastering plugin (or Final Plug from Wave Arts) for my upload bouncing and I’ve always liked to keep it simple/stupid - and this Plugin fits the bill. Though I have a LOT of plugins - The default plug ins from Apple are really cool and useful. I’ve been using Logic since V7 (actually earlier than that, but pretty much exclusively since 7) there’s a lot I still don’t know and some stuff I used to have to do - i don’t have to do anymore (like extensive MIDI environment wrangling) - my workflow is pretty fast and Logic helps this a good deal these days. (I also do tape and DAWLESS recording). However- Since Sonoma came on, I do have some GUI issues (flashing Channels) which I have reported to Apple (I’m on Intel MacMini so maybe has to do with that). 10.8.1 has not resolved this issue. (minor but annoying)