Locked PDF woes

I am trying to get rid of some pdf documents currently in my Dropbox folder. I am told they are locked and I can’t delete them. No idea how to simply trash the things. I have tried utilities that would unlock them, but all it does is create a separate document. The original is still there. Any clue?


Login to the Dropbox web site and delete them from there?

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Oh, wait: I was assuming that you meant the Dropbox folder from the Dropbox file sync service in my answer above. Do you instead mean in the Public/Drop Box folder in your home folder?

If so, it’s likely an ownership issue for the files. You could try highlighting them in the Finder. Then hold down Option while clicking the File menu to get to “Show Inspector” (or use the hotkey combo Cmd-Opt-i), and, at the bottom of the Inspector window, give your account Read/Write access to the files. I believe that should allow you to delete them.

You were close. The solution was to download the files, then get into the folder’s setting and request to stop sharing that folder from whomever had made it available. Thanks!