LittleBITS: Be Aware of TidBITS Server Changes

Originally published at: LittleBITS: Be Aware of TidBITS Server Changes - TidBITS

We’re starting the process of moving TidBITS servers to the Cloudways managed hosting service, so don’t worry if you see occasional hiccups in the next few weeks.


You mention the Discourse that you use for talk forums. I’m curious how expensive that is.

I’m glad you understand this. it’s mostly incomprehensible to me, but I trust whatever it is you are trying to do.

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Discourse is open source, so it’s free to install. We pay DigitalOcean $14 per month for hosting right now, but if you don’t want to manage it yourself, the people behind Discourse will do it starting at $50 per month.

Or there are other companies that will do it for less.