Listen wirelessly to YouTube on Mac via headphones?

With a MacBook Pro 2019 16-inch (12.4), how can I use Bose NC 700 headphones to listen to audio from a YouTube video via Bluetooth?

The headphones are paired to the computer, and I can listen to the video with a cable attached to the headphone port, just not wirelessly.

Bluetooth is turned on in System Preferences.

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I suspect you need to change the audio output setting.

Unfortunately I don’t know about 12.4 yet - I’m still on 10.13. There, I’m talking about System Preferences > Sound > Output > “Select a device for sound output”. That should allow the Bluetooth headphones to be selected from a list of possible outputs.

Normally, that setting controls all sound from the system. If you would like to, for example, direct Safari’s output to the Bluetooth headphones, but have other sounds still directed to the system speakers, have a look at Rogue Amoeba’s SoundSource app.

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Thanks for this tip and also the one about SoundSource.

I had looked at Preferences > Sound > Output but the headphones didn’t appear in the list.

Not sure what I did to change that but now they are in the list and working fine.


I’m not sure why the headphones didn’t show there before - I don’t use Bluetooth cans very often. Perhaps they need to be in some particular powered on / paired / active state to show up? Anyway, glad you have it working.