Linux on M1 Mac

(Linux on an M1 Mac getting very close.)

The OS now finally includes the firmware and bootloaders and tools necessary to replace Big Sur with not-Big-Sur. That was previously not possible.

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Great news! I’ve been using more Linux lately, and while it certainly isn’t as polished as macOS, it’s fine for what I do. I’ve been wondering if you can simply install Linux to an external drive and boot it on a Mac as you would any other alternative drive. Leo Laporte says it’s that easy.

Thanks…I too run many distros, of Linux on many macs…
What I am talking about is M1 Macs…

M1 Macs radically change boot and recovery…

It looks like it’s available now, but I don’t know how useful it will be without GPU acceleration.

I booted Pop_OS on my iMac and it looked good, except the Wi-Fi didn’t work and screen brightness was locked to max. I’ll play around with it in my copious spare time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Corellium has published a blog post detailing how they ported Linux to the M1.