Linksys Wi-Fi problem and troubleshooting

I have been generally satisfied with my Linksys mesh wifi system. I have a number of Linksys nodes around my two-story house and generally get good wifi coverage as a result. I administer the wifi network from the Linksys app when a node gets out of sync for some reason or another. Generally unplugging, waiting, and plugging the node back in fixes issues that have arisen in the past.

This last week my wife and I have been experiencing odd wifi behavior with our network going down multiple times a day, and a failure to connect some of our wifi devices such as our Sonos network of speakers and sound bar. After doing my normal unplug and restart to everything, I logged into the Linksys app and it showed I had no devices logged in (normally it shows 15-20), though wifi seemed to work. I dug into the issues, ultimately got a Support chat session with Linksys and learned that Linksys (and perhaps other manufacturers) have been having a problem with an Apple update to HomeKit.The temporary fix is to log into the Linksys app and deselect the option to link to HomeKit. Networking is not my area of expertise for sure, but below please find the links to Linksys’ technical fix. Hope this info is helpful to at least a few folks. YMMV but good luck. Part of my chat transcript with pertinent info follows–

"Based on your device model # the a03 triband There is actually on going known report here on our end. This is also the cause we have high volume of contact the past few days. This is about the nodes loses connectivity due to last jan 9 2023 Linksys open the update server and it causes update the nodes firmware. Since nodes will restart during installation it actually messes up the connection that is why you are experiencing dropping wifi issue. And yes one of the work around here is to disable the homekit.

Our engineering team checking and working why it causes drops every time the apple home kit on the app is toggle ON. If in case you have trouble logging with the email, you may use router password. You just need to log out using email and use router password. As long as the phone is connected to your wifi network from the system, you can log in using router password."

Here are the links for Linksys official posts: and for


I was just mentioning this to my wife. My iPad would just stop connecting and then the Wi-Fi would reappear again. Off and on all the time. I turned off HomeKit but not sure what that will help. Truly crazy.

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