Lightroom on M1 vs M1 Pro

Has anybody done any testing in this scenario? I found a single video on the web but it was short on details and without knowing the fellow it’s hard to know whether to trust him.

If you have, please reply and let’s discuss offline…while it is Mac related most of the people might not have much interest in the topic…and I’ll post a summary.

Specifically…I was hoping for an M1 Pro mini yesterday and while the Studio is nice the Max chip is probably overkill for Lightroom use and more aimed at video and/or professional (as in paid) usage and as an non pro photographer I have a hard time justifying the additional cost…it is almost double the M1 mini with 2TB drive space for the catalog and original images.

The one video I did find concluded that for Lightroom the Max was not materially better than the Pro and 64 GB wasn’t any real improvement over 32 for still image work…hence my question since the Studio is a Max.