Lightroom Classic CC 8.2

(Agen Schmitz) #1

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Adds a new feature that enhances the details of raw images using Adobe Senseis artificial intelligence. ($9.99/19.99 monthly subscription Creative Cloud subscription, free update)

(Roger Moffat) #2

The article says "You can get Lightroom Classic CC on its own for $9.99 per month (with 1 TB of cloud storage)”, but this isn’t borne out by the pricing chart you link to. The $9.99 plan with 1TB is for Lightroom CC, not for Lightroom Classic CC.

The Photography plan for $9.99 does have Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC

Yes, they are really confusing names for the products.


(Adam Engst) #3

Thanks for the catch—I’ve fixed the article. Adobe’s naming (and pricing) is really hard to get right.