Lifetime Windows User Switches to macOS

I loved watching this YouTube video by a videographer from who’s a lifetime Windows user as he explains why he’s switching to a M1 MacBook Pro:


Thanks for sharing the video. I’ve always used a desktop. Next time I need a new Mac, I should give some serious thought to getting a laptop.


Well, there’s that. He seems blown away by the M1 Max chip’s speed, and by the Messages app, but not to have found some of the integrations that make life easier (like receiving and sending iPhone SMS on Mac).

Apple seems to vacillate between welcoming Windows users to cross over and ignoring their needs. Almost everything this guy complains about goes back to features being easily discoverable by the user, rather than deliberately hiding them like they are “Easter eggs.” Curses be upon the UI geniuses who added that strain of DNA to MacOS.

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As a lifetime windows user (since early 90s), that just switched to mac in 2018, and is now learning Windows 10, oh boy. They locked Win 10 down at my work so much that I’m not even able to search through pdf files, which is my job. Explorer and search are horrible compared to finder. I got used to tabs. :(

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