Lesser known backup apps that are worth a look

It’s a shame that, when discussing backup applications, QRecall (http://www.qrecall.com/) is not mentioned. I’ve been a customer/user of QRecall for over 5 years and have found QRecall’s focus upon reliability and backup-data integrity to yield a 100% reliable backup. I run daily backups on complete systems of a collection of an average of 10 systems and run weekly verifications on the backup-set data. I’ve restored countless files as well as multiple disk volumes and various complete systems … always with success. Furthermore, QRecall’s de-duplication capabilities mean that I only capture about 1 GB of new data per day across the complete 10-system backups. I’ve tried many other backup applications but only QRecall has been able to earn my complete trust. Oh, and when you do have a question, the response is timely, detailed and expert.


Interesting. They say there that they only support to Mojave though. Thanks for the info.

I have not “upgraded” to Catalina so cannot comment on using Qrecall in Catalina. However, it does state Catalina support on QRecall’s home page.

I give a strong second to Qrecall. I have used Qrecall since it was initially released in 2008 and in a few words would describe it as Time Machine on steroids as well as more reliable.

@papagordie I was looking at the Features page and it said “QRecall 2.1 is compatible with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) through macOS 10.14 (Mojave).” But you are right, on the very first page (dah doug) it says “Latest macOS Technology — compatible with APFS & Catalina”

My problem is the site is in such tiny font size it drives my poor eyes crazy.

Anything that acts like “Time Machine on steroids as well as more reliable” gets an A+ from me! Time Machine has failed me in so many ways that it seems almost useless at times. Never know when it is going to decide it can no longer access the drive I use for it.