Left my Magic Mouse at home - is the newer version worth getting?

It looks like I left my Magic Mouse at home. I’m on a 3 week trip to the U.S.

I’m used to using my Magic Mouse with my MBP M1 14-inch. Of course the trackpad also works just fine. But I’m debating whether to get a new one. Or possibly even a different bluetooth mouse.

WireCutter recommends a Logitech one that’s just $35 (same day delivery).

Amazon has a later version of my current one in white for $70 that is rechargeable via an included USBC-lightning cable that can be connected to my MBP. My current magic mouse used 2 batteries which I just throw away.

The black one is $99. My current one is also white.

I’m curious about the price difference I checked the Apple site and they only offer the black one, also for $99.

I wonder why Apple itself doesn’t offer the white one. Anybody know?

The desk space here is limited. But I think I’m just use to the “travel” of the magic mouse, and like the way the touch interface works for scrolling, copy/paste, etc.

You might be thinking, why is Doug posting about this at 4 am. It’s called jet lag. Also why I finished Wordle for today already.

The Apple Store sells both white and black mice. The black one is pictured, but if you open the product page, you can then tap the white circle to see the white mouse and note that it costs $20 less ($79 vs $99 for the black one).

You apparently are familiar with the older, battery-powered version. The current version is recharged via a USB-C to Lightning Cable that, infamously, plugs into the bottom of the mouse and renders it unusable while being charged.

I rarely use mine, preferring a trackpad for all but close work. You may find that the current one has a different feel than your old one. Note that if you figure out within a week that you don’t like it, you can return it.

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The answer depends on how sensitive you are to the particular features and “feel” of a mouse.

I’ve used all of the mice in Wirecutter’s January 2023 “Best Wireless Mouse” article, at least briefly. All of the Logitech mice in the article are good quality mice, but none of them will be mistaken for an Apple Magic Mouse. That is neither good nor bad; it’s just that Magic Mice are different enough in “feel,” especially with the “touch” interface, that they almost seem like they should be a different category of device.

Unless I’m doing very high precision work, I don’t particularly care much about the type of mouse I am using.

On the other hand (no pun intended), I’ve known people who are deeply unhappy and much less productive when forced to use a mouse that is different from their preferred model.

Decide where you fit, and proceed accordingly.

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I ordered one from Amazon (should arrive in a few hours) to try. After that I read about the location of the charger. But apparently it recharges to a day’s worth very quickly. Anyway, I’ll see. I like the way the one I have works for daily work. I guess I’m just used to it.


A mouse is a very personal decision. Most important is to select one that’s comfortable in your hand.

I’ve never liked any of Apple’s mice. They’re just not comfortable for me.

My preference is the ($15 MSRP) USB-wired Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse. If you prefer wireless, they also sell the Wireless Mobile Mouse (which uses a USB wireless dongle) and the Bluetooth Mouse for $5 more. (Microsoft makes many other models in addition to these three.)

But I wouldn’t tell you to buy one of these sight-unseen either. Find a store that has display models (hopefully there is one near you) and see how they feel in your hand. Your hands probably won’t prefer what mine prefer and vice-versa.

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I have a small Kensington one that I use occasionally on travel.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that (even though it’s a ridiculous location). The battery on mine lasts ages, so recharging isn’t something that disrupts my work. I’ve not been able to get on with any non-Apple mice because none of them seem to have a smooth and quick way to side scroll. The Magic Mouse touch surface is really great for moving around windows and documents.

It arrived just a few hours after I ordered it. $70 on Amazon. I quite like it! It came 87% charged and paired right away. The USB-C to Lightning cable is a nicer braided type. (I wish it was USB-C to USB-C though, so I could also use it to charge my iPad Pro from my MBP.)

Anyway, it works just fine, and I feel entirely comfortable now that things are “back to normal.” I can use the trackpad when needed, but to be honest things feel a bit cramped when I do that. The “travel” speed of the cursor is much nicer with the Magic Mouse. Anyway, it’s nice and I’m glad I got it.


Magic Mouse is beautiful but it is its only quality ; it is too flat and it works badly with my old MBP, as with my MBP M1.
I use a Ipnhic DR01 that works perfectly well, costs less (24 €), its battery holds very well and I find it ergonomic…

I prefer the Apple mouse because they fit my hand. Mouse preference is very personal that way.

I have several of the old battery style and also had my doubts about the location of the charging port. However, 5 or 10 minutes of charging is enough to go the rest of the day, and I consider it a good opportunity to get up and make some tea or whatever. Then charge completely overnight.

FWIW I only use rechargeable batteries in the battery devices that I have.