Learn to Tickle the Ivories with Simply Piano

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Simply Piano gamifies the tedious process of learning to play piano, but is it worth the subscription cost?

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Having subscribed last January I’m about to renew for another year I enjoy the app that much. I played over 7,000 minutes averaging 20 minutes a day and plan to keep it up.

I tried many other apps before this one and this was the only one that stuck.

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Did you try Playground Sessions (requires hook-up to a digital piano, tho)? I tried, and failed and tried again and…, rather like my meditation efforts, and at the moment am in a not-trying phase. Just wondering, if you did try Playground Sessions, why you found Simply Piano better (and whether I might try yet again with that).

I didn’t. I use a Roland midi keyboard. Simply Piano gets the right balance to make learning both a challenge and fun. Get too many notes wrong and it auto rewinds to the start of the section so you can practice over and over. Want to practice at 80% speed, go for it. Too fast, try 60% speed until you get it right. The challenge in every composition to get it note for note. It leads you through building up a song in parts, right hand, left, hand, both hands and is really well thought out in getting you to practice bits of a song first. Also a huge library of sheet music or annotated songs to choose from, including each song at different levels of difficultly.

Here is a free 30 day trial if you want to give it a tinkle.

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Sort of unrelated, but is there a transcription app that listens to simple audio files recorded by iDevices and displays the printable sheet music (in the right key, for example)?

I wish you would routinely identify which operating system is required to use a product you review.

Smply Piano won’t download to any iPhone our family uses because we’re old outdated people.

But we have to look at a lot of Apple pages and attempt to download it to find that, once again, we’re not acceptable customers.

Not sure if this is what you mean, but there is Chordify. I tried and failed with it though…not enough musical (or other) knowledge, I suspect. Also, it costs $$s.

Thanks @Pohutu

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