Latency issue with Apple Watch

I have a strange issue with my Apple Watch (refurb v. 4, latest OS, 44mm). When I type in the passcode there is a long delay between when I type in a character and when it’s able to accept the next character. If I type at a normal speed, it just sits at one character and overwrites it as I type, so for example if I typed 1234 (enter) the registered input would be just 4.

This seems more likely to be a software problem than a hardware one. Although the first thing I did when I got the watch was to install WatchOS 7.0, I don’t believe I saw the problem on whatever it shipped with. The 7.1 upgrade didn’t get rid of the issue.

It’s a weird enough problem that I’d expect to find mention of it online but haven’t had any luck. Has anyone else run across this issue, or am I just special?

I haven’t seen it, but I’d recommend unpairing and repairing the watch. That often fixes odd problems like this.

Thanks, Adam! I had inadvertently already done that, having recently gotten a new phone. The issue persists.