"last visit" marker (was: Change to user interface?)

It used to be that there was a line below topics that had had a post since my last visit. A day or two ago, that element of the user interface disappeared. Can it be brought back? The image below does not have that line between topics in which I have had the opportunity to see all posts and topics that have a post since my last visit, which was yesterday, I believe.

Adam said this in a different thread.

It appears to be more complicated than that. The image below shows the simple blue dot for a topic with 13 posts. I believe I have never viewed any post in that topic, but I believe the topic existed during my last visit (although I’m not positive of that).

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I’ve noticed the same thing. Tried signing out and back in thinking that might help but it did not.

Ditto here.

I’m not remembering exactly what you’re talking about, so can you explain more? In your screenshot above, where would the line be? And it was just one line that separated the list of topics that had new posts from those where you’d seen everything? Unfortunately, there’s no way to go backward with Discourse so I can’t easily see what you’re talking about (nor do I see it on my other Discourse accounts

The blue dots are more complicated than I noted previously. The small blue dot seems to indicate a topic where you haven’t seen any of the posts at all. That’s in contrast to a larger blue dot with a number in it that indicates that the topic has X posts that you haven’t seen.

And, of course, the topics where the title is dimmed are ones you’ve read, versus those with black text titles, which have new content.

I’ve got the same problem and I would swear it was there yesterday, Saturday even. I liked it because it reminded me of where i left off. It is not gone so whoever took it, please give it back :laughing::laughing:

This blog post from Discourse shows the last visit “light red line.” That is the line that is no longer appearing, as of a few days ago.



Perfect, that’s what I needed. And I see it on meta.discourse.org now too, so I’ll ask there about what’s going on.

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And as I started to report the bug, Discourse showed me a related thread that showed it had already been reported and fixed in the source, so it should come back soon. I’ll install the next beta once it comes out.


Great. Thank you Adam and all the others. I really found that a useful item when checking the lists.

Sorry for the late response, and I’m happy to see that @BeakerJB provided an example.

Aside. I was promoted to caregiver. Even after all the discussions I had seen, primarily in AARP publications, about how time consuming and exhausting caregiving is, I was shocked. Fortunately for me, this should be a short-term situation.


I just noticed that the line separating topics that have had a post since my last visit from older topics is shown in the “all categories” view but not in any of the single category (Talk, Feedback, Comments) views. I usually do not use this view, so I don’t know if this view ever lost the line, but I will be more likely to use this view in the future.

Unfortunately, that’s not showing for me in “all categories”. The line there has been missing for me for about three weeks and I’m afraid, unlike for you, it hasn’t returned for me. :confused: :frowning:

I mainly use the “latest” view and it’s not showing there either. :frowning:

Apparently it was an aberration. The line is missing today. Sigh.

Yeah, since this conversation started, Discourse hasn’t released a new beta that includes the fix they made for us. I’ll install it as soon as they do.

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Discourse 2.6.0beta2 just dropped, so I’ll install it in 15 minutes (the site will reportedly be down for a bit longer due to a change to the search databases) and we’ll see if it fixes this issue.

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It seems to work. I see the “last visit” marker.

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It’s so nice to have the “last visit” line back.

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Indeed! Life is good. This update took longer to appear than usual, but it’s a HUGE one.

Great update! :slight_smile: Didn’t realize how much I rely on the last visit line. :+1:

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Thank you, Discourse; thank you, Adam.

What he said. I really missed it.

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