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Have a Canon laser mono printer/scanner, a few years old. Don’t print much anymore, just occasionally, use it more for scanning than printing. B & W printing is fine, but like the ability to scan in color. My printer still prints & scans but color scanning has been malfunctioning; will scan b & w fine but color scanning comes out garbled, unreadable.
Any printer suggestions? Prefer laser to ink-jet, don’t like to bother w/the ink refills/replacements, as I print so infrequently; ink dries up before I can use it. Don’t need fax function, only printing & scanning.
I know many people aren’t using printers anymore but I like to know it’s there when I need it. I find it simpler to scan using a printer than using a scan function on an iPhone.

I had garbled scans from an HP mono laser too, fixed by using VueScan. Have you tried that yet? It may actually just be a driver issue.

I quite like our Brother MFC-L3770CDW, still being sold. Super-fast two-sided scanning, sharp colour duplex printing. Some might find it too large though: 19" deep by 16" wide. No clearance needed in front though.

I’ve been careful not to update the firmware, so that hopefully I’ll be able to use 3rd party toner.

Don’t know why but it didn’t even occur to me to check for new drivers. :woman_facepalming:t3: Went to the Canon site, found 2 drivers posted last month, installed them both, & all is well.

Thanks so much for recommending VueScan; while I didn’t need it, I was unaware of it, I’ll remember it for the future.

:raised_hands:t2: Don’t need a new printer/scanner!


So pleased for you. No waste. Yay!

VueScan is great but there’s no way around the fact that it’s not an integrated experience the way the old HP driver was. Unfortunately that’s by the by, because the driver package (which you download from Apple, not HP) is Intel-only and heavily intrusive and clearly risks breaking entirely with an OS update, which means I think that, with the latest firmware installed, VueScan accessing the scanner over the network is how I’ll be using this HP LaserJet Pro M125nw for the foreseeable future. The HP Smart app requires you log in to HP, which I could, but won’t; it’s also not integrated. The takeaway of AirPrint seems to be that you could get the minimum supported feature set, and nevermind about our environmental message; if you’re getting an energy-efficient new Apple Silicon Mac, then you’d better factor in the cost of the printer you’ll be sending to the recyclers because, having roped buyers and sellers into our inadequate standard, we’re sure as hell not going to maintain working drivers to give our customers the functionality we promised in the past. Rant rant rant, etc.

It’s worth acknowledging that the HP printer is 10 years old, right? But the reason I’m responding is to suggest that Scan to SD card is often a viable, and sometimes preferred, option for all-in-one printers. Not sure if this one has such a feature, but if it does, it might be a useful alternative to consider. I started using it with a Doxie scanner and now it’s my go-to for anything that supports it. The workflow and speed work well for me.

Don’t think you’re replying to my question, think it’s a reply to one of the replies I received to my original question. But just in case, to clarify: my printer is a Canon imageClass laser printer, not an HP. Don’t remember exactly when I bought it but my best guess is it’s around 4 - 5 yrs old.

Thankfully, my problem was solved when the discussion of drivers reminded me to check for updated drivers; had completely forgotten to do that. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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8, in fact. Still doesn’t change my feeling that it can and should work; it’s being held back by software, after all, and not hardware. A testament both to the hardware’s quality (last of a great line of HP printers, things have only got worse since then), and the hideous incentives that lead to planned obsolescence, which have nothing to do with the usable life of said hardware.

Unfortunately, this was an economical printer at the time, and although it has copier functionality it can’t scan to email or cards; all the scanning is done through software. My past experience of scanning to email is that this is another great approach, although it does require work to get the email sent out because they rarely have support for TLS and barely support authentication.

I have a monochrome Brother laser MFC. I can use Image Capture to scan from it and it works well. Maybe another option for the future?

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Must look at Brother for my next printer. I could easily overlook the cartridge/toner lock-in if it meant working driver support. For right now though, I’ll stick with my hardware while it works.

Or be sure to get a printer with built-in PostScript or PCL language support. This will let you configure and use generic drivers.

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