Large Retina Monitors Coming from Samsung and Dell

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At CES, Samsung announced a 27-inch 5K display and Dell a 32-inch 6K display. We hope they’ll give Apple’s Studio Display and Pro Display XDR some more-affordable competition.


I’m using the old Apple 27" with the TBolt 2 to TBolt 4 adapter. This monitor also has FW800 ports, and I still have a couple Firewire peripherals.

I’d want a replacement to have TBolt 4 ports, as well as USB-2 and USB-C. Also a high output power port (140w or better) to recharge the MB Pro, and good quality speakers.

I hope this will result in some additional pressure on Apple to release a new 27" iMac.

I’m really anxious to see pricing.

I’m not fan of Dell (or Samsung for that matter) as a company, but I’ve had several 27" displays from both and those were IMHO top notch panels. In fact, at the office right now I’m using a 27" 4K from Dell that is absolutely great (U2720Q). If they had a 5K version of that for ~ $1k I’d order two for every member of my group tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Apple’s Studio Display IMHO is totally overpriced (and over-tweaked) and yet its camera still stinks. And charging for height adjustability on a $1600 27" in 2023? Preposterous.

Work bought me a Studio Display for my MBPro Max and it seems to have settled down. For while the camera and speakers availability required occasional reboots. It’s not a price I would pay but it’s a fine display. I’d be very curious about buying another 5k display to add to it. I currently have an old 2k NEC in the mix but it is showing signs of age for sure.


I’m now working since almost a year with the Huawei MateView 28 inch and I’m really happy with it. Sporting 3’840 x 2’560 and USB-C, HDMI and MiniDP it connects easily to my Hardware and powers my MacBook Pro. It’s as good as the iMac Retina I had before. I like the old school 3:2 aspect ratio and the hardware is well designed.

For those living in a country that imports Huawei:

There’s been some controversy around the designs of both these new hi-dpi models. Some think they’re still very much non-Apple-esque. So I think most Mac users would still go for the Studio Display, TBH.
…we’ll have to see those prices first.

Though I have two Studio Displays (on Vesa mount; any height I want for zero extra, lol!). As mentioned, they’ve improved the camera now, and the integration is flawless with macOS.

I’m at the point where I’m looking to replace my 2014 27" Retina iMac. I still want a screen at least that size (along with the 2nd monitor attached to it), so I’m not thrilled that Apple dropped that model size. So I’m waiting for (the presumed) March 2023 debut. If there is no 27" iMac I’ll get an updated Mini, which means I need a new monitor.
I would want the speakers but I absolutely don’t care about a mic or camera. I never use my iMac’s (in fact, I put electrical tape over it), and only want the built-in speakers because my USB ports and electrical outlets are already crowded enough.

As far as I know, all monitors with built-in speakers also have cameras - they’re typically intended for conferencing applications. But you obviously don’t need to actually use that camera.

I am using an older Dell display (marketed as made for Microsoft Teams), which has speakers and a camera. Since I never connected the display’s USB cable, the camera is not connected. It gets its audio data over HDMI (how I have it connected to its computer), and I don’t use the built-in USB hub for anything.

As for recommendations for a new display, I still like Dell’s UltraSharp displays. Unfortunately, it seems that they don’t have any displays in this series that are 27" and have speakers. If I search for displays with speakers, I find five models, but none in the size you were asking for (24", 32", 34", 38" and 40").

I have less experience with other brands. For them, I would simply suggest looking for an IPS panel (for best off-axis colors) with a reasonably high gamut and brightness. Since you will be using it with a new Mac, you will want to make sure it supports DisplayPort, USB-C or Thunderbolt-3/4 video. (TB will probably cost more than the other two). HDMI can be used (and is convenient, because it carries audio as well as video), but I think macOS’s output resolution choices are more limited over HDMI than over DisplayPort.

Dell sells a sound bar that attaches to its monitor standers below the monitor.

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Well, it depends on the price difference… $100? I may go with Apple, $400? Samsung or Dell, for sure!

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