Lanyard/Tether for original iPhone SE

I’ve tried to convince my wife that storing her phone deep in her purse may not be convenient when she really needs it. Of course women don’t usually have the pockets that men do. So we are looking at a lanyard type device that could be worn around her shoulder making the phone readily available when she needs it. We’re both in our eighties so I don’t want to complicate her life or mine. Looking for suggestions for something that will safely capture the phone and make it readily available.

What I’ve used for years is Nutshell cases, as a holster on my belt. The clip version has a D-ring to which a lanyard can be attached.

Another thing that I’ve kept my eye for lanyards is a Nite Ize phone anchor.

But I’m not experienced in giving advice to octogenarians. Or for women.

The lanyard I use is long enough so that I can hang the phone from my neck and put it in my pocket. I never have to worry about dropping the phone. There are lots of phone lanyards for sale on Amazon.

Thanks. We’ll figure something out. Amazon seems to have quite a few options.