Kudos for Default Folder

Adam recently used the R word (‘retirement’)—one of my recurring fears is that Jon Gotow who writes Default Folder might put his feet up.

Like Jeremy here, for me any Mac without Default Folder isn’t a Mac. And that’s a heck of a statement!

TidBITS & DF are my two computing essentials… and I’m sure I’m not alone! :slight_smile:




I’d like to +100 your comment about Jon Gotow being a good egg. What makes it a pleasure to work with independent developers is that they listen to their customers and are willing (within reason) to implement features.

And, I concur with @billstanford9, I’m lost when I use a Mac without DF installed.



I forget when Default Folder first came out (a Long Time Ago), but I think it’s the longest running application I have on my Macs. (Graphic Converter is second.) I’m just surprised Apple hasn’t subsumed DF’s functionality into the Open File dialog.

And as a side note, I miss “Save As” as a first-class option in the File menu on Apple applications. Apple seems to be hostile to people who use hierarchal file systems in ways other than the Apple expectations.

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Adding my praise for Default Folder. That, SuperTab, and CopyPaste (formerly CopyPaste Pro) are what I have to add to any new computer.

Try the Paste application, I think you’ll like it better than CopyPaste.

Thanks for the support. I know that are a lot of people on TidBits that are happily running a stock Apple setup and still on Mojave and not interested in trying out anything new. Hey, if it gets the job done and they’re happy that is all there matters. Everyone should please themselves first.

How we manage change is probably the biggest challenge mankind will face this century.

Default Folder (Saint Claire Software) has been around for 20 years or more. Millions of Mac users, but I’ll bet Default Folder has maybe a few hundred thousand users at most.

I’d guess most people using a Mac have never heard of it, and certainly few Apple employees in Cupertino is are aware of it either. They all like their rut . . . not me. I’m always looking for the next big thing. But you’ll never go into an Apple Store and see Default Folder or Copy/Paste on their demo machines.

It’s too bad there’s no Mac World anymore. Or Mac magazines. It is hard for anyone to stay on top of technology and popular music these days.

Just in case you didn’t see the recent “Putting Save As back on the File menu” thread.

One would think both Save As and Duplicate could have co-existed in the File menu, but Apple has this little obsession with “knowing what to leave out.”

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Apple seems to be Hell-bent to force a very specific and narrow view of the file system upon us.