Kinsa’s defunct?

Has anyone else noticed that no longer provides illness-related data and forecasts, and the site now silently redirects to “See my illness risk” links on the Kinsa website no longer work. The Kinsa iOS app also shows a question mark in lieu of one’s local risk data. It used to be a great source of such information. There was a reference to it in comments on the April 2020 TidBITS article “How Can Tech Step Up for Humanity?”

The last update appears to be October 20, 2023. Kinsa has failed to respond to several requests for information about it. What gives?

I certainly miss the site and don’t know why it had to be discontinued, but I did receive the following notice of it’s termination on Oct 20:

Hi Friend,

Thank you for your support of HealthWeather and Kinsa’s Local Illness Alerts over the past few years. We hope they’ve empowered you and your loved ones to stay healthier.

Today, we’re sharing the difficult news that we are shutting down the HealthWeather website and our Local Illness Alerts email/text service. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Though we could not have anticipated COVID-19, we have long been passionate about helping to track and curb the spread of illness. We are so glad that our solutions existed at a time when fear was high and actionable, accurate data was rare. We are immensely proud of everything we have accomplished together and are incredibly grateful for your support along the way.

For information on COVID and other infectious illnesses in your area, please refer to data and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

It has been our privilege to help your families. Thank you for your support. And please, consider this your final Kinsa reminder to get your flu shot!

In good health always,

Your Kinsa team

Wow, thanks! I don’t think I received that notice. I wonder if they had legal problems with their data…it’s a pity in any case. Thank you again for the info.