Keyboard recommendations for an iPad Pro

A question from my husband:

I’d like to buy a keyboard case for a 12.9”, 5th generation iPad Pro, but I don’t want to spend $299 on Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced, reliable alternative?

We will greatly appreciate any recommendations.

This might not be particularly helpful given your decision, but I also hated spending that much money for Apple’s keyboard case. But ultimately, I did buy it, after failing to find anything that worked as well or and felt good to type on. The latter being very subjective, of course. I’m glad that I got it, but the weight it adds to the iPad Pro is very noticeable, so consider that in your evaluations too.

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I looked at the keyboard case options for my iPad Pro and didn’t love any of them for reasons of cost, weight, and general awkwardness. So I got a Logitech KC380 instead. It’s not attached, so you have to prop the iPad on something, but it’s lightweight, full size, and with good key feel and travel. It’s inexpensive and runs off triple-A batteries, which is handy. Because it’s not always attached to the iPad, the latter remains easy and portable most of the time and I can bring the keyboard along when I want.


My sons bought me the Apple keyboard case for my iPad Pro 12.9, and it’s very impressive in several respects, the keyboard itself and the trackpad, both superior to the Logitech variant keyboard case our iPad Air uses. The case is also very resilient and hard wearing, I can clean it with a dab of liquid soap. Yes it is heavy, but I do recommend it.

That said I would endorse just getting a small Logitech keyboard, I love them. I have an MX mini which I switch between my MBPro, my iPad Mini and my phone, but there’s plenty of other ones too.

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