Keyboard navigation of Apple Mail in Sonoma

My muscle memory is condition to navigate Apple mail in 3-column view using the tab key to switch between panes and the up/down air keys scroll though messages in the middle panel. Sonoma has apparently changed that-tabbing now cycles among links,notpanes.Striking the up or down arrow when a message is highlighted in the middle pane moves to the next/previous message but doesn’t display it in the third pane-the third (right) pane continues to display the originally highlighted mail. A quick check of Mail’s help didn’t address this nor did DDG. Solutions?

Answering, partially, my own query. Command-up/down arrow keys now moves the highlight bar up/down in a panel in three-pane view.

Still no solution to replicating previous Mail behavior of using tab key to cycle between panes. Sonoma version now cycles between links.

Issue resolved-the behavior was due to Keyboard Access turned on in Accessibility during the upgrade to Sonoma, either inadvertently by me (striking the option key five times consecutively) or being turned on by default by Sonoma, which I have read, is an issue for some users.

Turning off Keyboard Access restores the old tab/arrow key navigation of Mail.

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