Keyboard navigation of Apple Mail in Sonoma

My muscle memory is condition to navigate Apple mail in 3-column view using the tab key to switch between panes and the up/down air keys scroll though messages in the middle panel. Sonoma has apparently changed that-tabbing now cycles among links,notpanes.Striking the up or down arrow when a message is highlighted in the middle pane moves to the next/previous message but doesn’t display it in the third pane-the third (right) pane continues to display the originally highlighted mail. A quick check of Mail’s help didn’t address this nor did DDG. Solutions?

Answering, partially, my own query. Command-up/down arrow keys now moves the highlight bar up/down in a panel in three-pane view.

Still no solution to replicating previous Mail behavior of using tab key to cycle between panes. Sonoma version now cycles between links.