Keyboard Maestro 11

Originally published at: Keyboard Maestro 11 - TidBITS

Major upgrade for the automation and clipboard utility introduces a new Macro Wizard, support for Apple Text Recognition, and more. ($36 new, $25 upgrade, 37.3 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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You sure about that upgrade price? I upgraded yesterday, and paid $18 as the owner of a previous version.

It’s noted in the Watchlist item that it’s a special upgrade price of $18 through December 15. It’s our policy to note the regular upgrade price in the ending parenthetical.

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To be entirely clear:

  • It is free if you purchased Keyboard Maestro after March 1
  • It is $18 if you purchased Keyboard Maestro 10 and purchase the upgrade by December 15.
  • It is $25 if you own a previous version (including potentially a free upgrade to version 10) or own any version and purchase the upgrade after December 15.

And, of course, no one is under any obligation to upgrade, so they are welcome to continue using the older version without purchasing the upgrade.

Anyone who owns version 8 or later will receive an email from me with their specific details (the last few emails are going out today).


You are correct. My apologies for the confusion.

A sensible pricing system, and an excellent app. Thanks so much for your work on it, Peter!!


Upgraded√ Years ago, you filled a huge gap with the end of Quickeys. You (literally) make our lives better every single day with your critical software - THANKS Peter!


Peter N Lewis… boy that name rang a long forgotten bell. I’ve never used Keyboard Maestro but I know I’ve used something you wrote… maybe 30 years ago? Remembering old days of MacUser magazine and Andy Inkahto and Boomerang.

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Probably Anarchie/Interarchie, my FTP client was very popular back when FTP was very popular.