Keyboard Maestro 10.0

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Substantial update to the automation and clipboard utility gains the capability to display information and custom menus in the menu bar, supports subroutines, and adds a plethora of new triggers, actions, filters, tokens, and functions. ($36 new, $25 upgrade, 34.4 MB)


I have never really looked at this application.
I am searching for a replacement to the subscription based Text Expander that I have been using for many years now.
This app looks like it does what TE does, but a whole lot more.

Is that a correct assumption?


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Keyboard Maestro can do some of what TextExpander can do, but you would have to set up each expansion separately, and I think they’d need some sort of modifier key when you wanted to invoke them (rather than just typing a string).

The main alternatives to TextExpander are Typinator from Ergonis and TypeIt4Me from Riccardo Ettore. Both are good.

I was looking at those as well. Looks like you can move your TE expansions over to either.
Which way to go is a question.
Anyone else have an opinion about which of these two, Typinator or Typeit4me, are better/easier/ to use?

Thanks Adam…


You can set macros in Keyboard Maestro to execute when you type a string. I have several that type common phrases for me for situations where Apple’s normal text expanding doesn’t work (like in Mail, website forms, etc).


I use Typinator. Easy to use, does what I want and straightforward

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ccstone in the Clipboard Manager thread mentioned Typinator:

For snippets/boilerplate to be reused I use Typinator. Of all of them I’m most satisfied with it for its very specific task and wish I could convince the guys at Ergonis to add Clipboard History to the mix.

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Same here. Plus they have excellent support.

I appreciate the great feedback. Thank you

IIRC, Typinator has been around since before TextExpander. I moved to it after also trying aText and wholeheartedly recommend Typinator.

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Thank you all for the recommendation!!


Keyboard Maestro has Typed String triggers, and then can insert text from that, so for example I use =em= to expand to my email address.

You can see a simple example at:


In TE, I have a string that types in the date and time.
Can I do that in Typinator?

Thanks again…


Yes – in the following User’s Guide, see “Date and Time” on p. 9:

I used to use Typinator before I switched to Keyboard Maestro. Typinator worked well but it was a bit of an overkill for me. My needs are relatively simple and the text expansion feature in KM works just as well.

I’m on the other side of that equation.

I have 48914 expansions (and counting) that include the TidBITS Auto-Correction Set.

I’m a well known proponent of Keyboard Maestro, but it would choke on them – and they’d be much more difficult to manage.



You can easily do that in Keyboard Maestro as well. And much much more!!!

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Interesting. Do you use both applications together on the same Mac? Any conflicts, slowing down etc.?


No problem – they are quite synergistic.

My primary productivity utilities are:

They all run 24/7 on my systems.


I installed AND purchased Typinator.
Remembering that I was running an older stand alone version of TE, Typinator works far better and smoother.
Very happy with that purchase.

Now, need a replacement for 1Password…

Thanks Adam