Juggle Video Meetings More Easily with Meeter and Fantastical

Originally published at: Juggle Video Meetings More Easily with Meeter and Fantastical - TidBITS

Videoconferencing has surged during the pandemic, and keeping track of meetings on multiple platforms is a hassle. Julio Ojeda-Zapata tried two software tools, Meeter and Fantastical, that promise to make this juggling act easier.

I am curious about this statement from the article –

“The Mac and Web versions of Teams also send meetings directly to Google Calendar and, by extension, to Meeter, if the Google account is set up on your Mac.”

I am using the desktop app version of Teams and I see no way to share those meetings with Google Calendar, any tip to accomplish that would be greatly appreciated!

Check to see that you have the latest Mac version of Teams. When I use the app, I select the Meetings in the sidebar, and then click the “Schedule a meeting” button. Once I’ve created and scheduled a meeting, I’m presented with a “Share” screen to copy the meeting invitation, share via Outlook, or share via Google Calendar.

Excellent tips, but still doesn’t work for me. I can create and schedule, but I don’t get a “share” screen.

I suspect that “sharing calendars” needs to be enabled at the enterprise level (or not disabled at the enterprise level).