Journal entry

The other day I used a drive-through restaurant and later saw a Notification on my phone telling me that “Journal" thinks I should use the occasion to express myself.

OK, I sort of remember a journaling app like this coming in with iOS 17.2. It’s suddenly become self-aware and curious about my activities? By default?

And, what’s the mechanism it used to do this?

This is the Journal apps suggestions at work. It looks at locations visited, music played, activities etc to build a starting point for Journal entries.

If you go to Settings-> Journal there’s an option to “Skip Journalling Suggestions” which I assume would turn them off.

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Thank you.
It’s the "by default” part of this that get’s me.
At least now I’m aware of the surveillance level I’m under.

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All of these prompts are generated on the phone itself, and not shared with Apple. See Apple launches Journal app, a new app for reflecting on everyday moments - Apple

Journal is built with privacy at its core. When iPhone is locked with a passcode, entries in the Journal app are encrypted. Additionally, users can choose to enable secondary authentication, and lock the Journal app with their device passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. All Journal entries are end-to-end encrypted when stored in iCloud, so that no one but the user can access them. Journaling suggestions are created on device, and users can choose which suggested moments are shared with the Journal app and added to their Journal entries.