JNUC 2018: How Organizations Use Apple Devices as Tools of Change

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2018/11/09/jnuc-2018-how-organizations-use-apple-devices-as-tools-of-change/

We think of our iPhones, iPads, and Macs as extremely personal devices, but as you’ll read in these five stories from the Jamf Nation User Conference, large organizations are also putting Apple devices to interesting uses as focused tools in education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

Wonderful article! The first comprehensive look from this angle.

Thank you.

As for Netflix etc. How bout at check in the “Front Desk” ask your phone for your credentials. Either using Near Field Tech or Bluetooth. Then at check out it auto wipes that information. You wouldn’t want to check out 3 hours before you leave but otherwise it might work.

Very interesting summary, Adam. I have no clue how iOS or macOS are used on a large scale in the corporate world. Your examples are a very interesting illustration of that.

I was especially intrigued about the argument for using iPod touches in retail. When the SE was canned we were told left and right that nobody wants small phones anymore. And yet here we have a CTO explaining to us that his employees (which apparently are mainly women) need smaller devices than iPhones to get work done. I wonder if we would have already seen the iPod touch vanish if it were not for the fact that Apple itself relies heavily on it for their own retail operations.

I hope we’ll see a refresh although I heavily doubt it. If indeed that would happen, it would be interesting to learn if a new SE could be much more easily developed (and at reduced cost) based on that refreshed touch.

Yep, I was intrigued for exactly the same reason—the small size was a selling point in this case.

An update on the Sewanhaka school district’s usage: