Jason Snell Starts “20 Macs for 2020”

Originally published at: Jason Snell Starts “20 Macs for 2020” - TidBITS

Six Colors publisher Jason Snell has started a series of essays, podcasts, and videos that will explore 20 notable Mac models. Adam and Tonya Engst will make guest appearances on the podcast, so be sure to tune in.

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We’re all looking forward to what Jason puts together, as long as he includes the SE/30. If not, he’s dead to us.


And now the article about the PowerBook Duo is out.

I also listened to the Power Mac G5 and PowerBook Duo podcast episodes, and you can hear me in both, and Tonya in the PowerBook Duo one (which should be available generally soon).

Highly recommended—Jason did a great job.

Jason has finally hit the Mac model I think of most fondly, the SE/30. If you haven’t been following along, I recommend the series highly, both in print and in podcast form.


Nothing but :heart::heart::heart: for the SE/30. Best Mac ever. :slight_smile:

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I owned the original Mac SE and then upgraded it to the SE30 which I used for a few years. I sold it finally to a friend who had dreams of becoming a Mac developer. Not sure if he made the grade but he had a nice machine.

I love my SE. Upgraded beyond all reasonable expectations:

  • 4MB RAM
  • 200 MB SCSI hard drive
  • Two 1.44M floppy drives (in addition to the internal hard drive!)
  • An internal Ethernet interface (Asante MacConSE board in the PDS slot)

It’s been a while since I turned it on, but I’m confident that it still works (but I should probably go change the battery again…)

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I was very sad that my SE/30 didn’t work. Probably a blown capacitor on the motherboard—I guess that’s common.