It's an iOS Music bug was: CarPlay bug

in topic iOS 16: Is it safe to install, or should I wait?, there were some comments about carplay being broken.

it sure is. the music app randomly stops play. doesn’t happen when playing tunes through earphones, just when connected to a car.

my music is all local to the phone, synced from my computer. i’ve two cars, a mazda and a fiat. since the ios16 update, the random cessation of tunes happens in both cars. trying to workaround that in a moving vehicle is absurdly dangerous.

updated to 16.1 in the middle of a roadtrip (using the hotel’s wi-fi). didn’t fix the issue.

has anyone else experienced this?

My “Apple” CarPlay apps seem to be OK (Music and Maps) but Metroview - a navigation/speed limit advisor app - has become unreliable. It seems to lose the GPS info. I will be contacting the Australian developer about this.

I’m not sure if this is the same bug or not, but using wireless CarPlay I notice fairly regular dropouts where the music will stop playing and switch to playing on the iPhone (if it’s quiet enough I can hear it on the phone speaker). After about 8 to 15 seconds (counting one-Mississippi, etc.) it reverts back to the car stereo.

I’ve noticed this in both iOS 15 and 16 however.

The other bug I’ve noticed in wireless CarPlay that is even more annoying is when the GPS decides I’m going in the OPPOSITE direction of what I am. This impacts Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic, so I don’t think this is an application specific problem, but rather something with the OS or GPS subsystem.

I’ve seen this GPS problem reported elsewhere, and apparently it only impacts wireless CarPlay. Power cycling the car and phone doesn’t necessarily fix it, so I’ve no idea what triggers it or makes it go away (though eventually it will, after some variable period of time). I’ve also seen this bug in iOS 15 and 16.

Solutions to either (especially the latter) welcome if anyone knows any!


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What we’ve been experiencing is that it usually won’t connect to CarPlay at all, and our car doesn’t support wireless CarPlay. We can get turn-by-turn voice instructions through the car’s speakers, which recognize the connection as a phone call. Apple Maps displays the route on the iPhone.

We never had any CarPlay problem until the latest update, and we’ve had this car for three years. Any help will be much appreciated.

could be talking out my hat here, but try removing the carplay entry (settings->general->carplay->my cars) and then reconnecting the phone to the car. i did that in an attempt to fix my music stalls. it didn’t appear to (i’ll be doing a long roadtrip at the weekend so we shall see) but the reconnection worked without a hitch. it may fix your issue.

it sure is. the music app randomly stops play. doesn’t happen when playing tunes through earphones, just when connected to a car.

And it just isn’t CarPlay. My wife’s current gen AirPods don’t quit playing when pulled out of her ears and don’t transfer to receive the phone call when it rings…and don’t reliably transfer between her devices. I told her to unpair and repair to see if that helps but she hasn’t reported on results yet.

Last year my phone often randomly disconnected from my deck (using BT). I eventually removed both phones from memory and added them back. Interesting that others report this too as I was blaming my refurbished deck. I haven’t had the issue in awhile.


It’s a good idea, but I’ve previously tried disconnecting/deleting the car from the phone as well as the phone from the car (or both) and reconnecting without resolution of the problem. I appreciate the suggestion, though.

In my 2019 Toyota, I have always had a problem with the iPhone audio just stopping as I started the car, shifted into reverse to get out of the driveway and then continued forward. It frequently cut out when I was in reverse, which I figured was a safety feature (?). Unplugging and then plugging in the phone again (CarPlay only seems to work when plugged with this car) reconnected the CarPlay.

If I stopped somewhere and kept the iPhone plugged in, it never has this problem and picks up the audio where I left off, even if reversing.

Most cars these days drop the volume when you’re shifted into reverse, but they should go back to where you set it when you shift into another gear (forward, neutral or park). If it doesn’t do that, then there’s a bug somewhere (could be in the phone or the car).

never heard that before. that’s wild. neither of my cars do that. but both have standard transmissions. perhaps that’s why? the abarth does interrupt music to bleep when its radar detects that i’m backing into something. it’s usually wrong but whatever. it’d be nicer if it had a backup camera, but you don’t get everything when you overpay for a lovely italian exhaust sound.

No, the cars I hire always have standard transmission and most seem to lower the volume when reversing. I find it irritating when listening to a podcast and I’m unclear as to the logic. Why do I need a lower volume because I’m reversing? Am I supposed to be able to more easily hear the crunch of smashing into something behind me?? I also find the proximity noises hugely annoying so use the button to disable them where available.

It’s a relatively new feature. My wife’s van (a 2018 model) does this. My car (a 2012) does not. Every rental I’ve driven in the past year or so have also done this.

I don’t know if it’s a law or just something the industry decided to do, but it does seem universal for recent model years, at least for the small sample size of my personal experience.

i’m a bit of a car nut yet i’d never previously heard of this. my roadster is a 2019, i briefly had a 2021 mazda3 with (shamefully) an automatic, and my abarth (say no more) is brand new. i’ve also rented a few cars in the past couple years. however, my sample set is also very small.

regardless, my carplay complaint didn’t involve reversing in either of my cars.

Both our 2015 Nissan Leaf and 2015 Subaru Outback won’t play in reverse, presumably to avoid distracting the driver. I find it more distracting because something that was working has now stopped.

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was wandering around downtown yesterday listening to tunes through my earbones (aka airpods, 1st generation). and lo, if the music app didn’t randomly stop play at least twice.

so this annoyance isn’t specific to carplay. perhaps it’ll be a bit easier to troubleshoot, although walking around trying to get your phone to work correctly is almost as dangerous as doing the same whilst driving …

Yep, same experience with random quits. I’ve done the unpair/re-pair, but no improvement.

iPhone XR in a 2020 Forester with wired CarPlay.

Since upgrading to iOS 16.0.3, Car Play continues to work, but it now takes 2 or 3 attempts at plugging in the lightning cable before the head unit activates/displays CarPlay. The first plug-in only works 30% of the time. This is new since 16.0.3. Once it’s working, it seems to be fine (Music OK, Maps OK) until the next time I start the engine and connect the cable.

After reading the posts here about music volume dropping when in reverse, I tested it. Audio does not drop on my setup.