Issues with Legacy 1Password 6 and 7 from Mac App Store

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If you’re using 1Password 6 or 1Password 7 from the Mac App Store and receive an error message about the 1Password app being damaged, 1Password has some possible solutions.

I know that many people are still running 1Password version 7 in order to keep using Dropbox sync between devices. I saw this notice on Mastodon

Users running 1Password 8 are not impacted by the issue below.

We are aware of an issue where customers using legacy versions of 1Password (downloaded from the Mac App Store) may receive an error message indicating that the 1Password app is damaged.

The 1Password team is currently investigating the root cause of this issue.

From our initial investigations, some users have seen success by:

  1. Ensuring the Mac’s system time is set automatically in System Settings > General > Date & Time.

  2. Restarting your Mac.

  3. Removing the App Store version and installing the app from our website

If these steps do not work for you, please contact us at This issue is only affecting legacy versions of 1Password that are no longer supported. We recommend that all users upgrade to 1Password 8, the officially supported version of 1Password.

Just bringing @ddmiller’s original post over here to avoid bifurcated comments.

It’s not just 1Password — this happened with the window-arrangement utility Moom four days ago. In my case, none of the steps suggested above worked. The problem resolved itself within two hours. The support tech at Many Tricks Software with whom I was corresponding said “I finally found someone at Apple who knew a bit. She flipped a switch that made the app appear to be newly released, which somehow forced the App Store app to reconnect to all the installed Mooms? It was a bit confusing, but it seems things are back to normal.”

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My issue was after latest Firefox 120 update in that the 1Password extension no longer allows insert of pwds/links working.
Then I realized, I’m still on version 6x !! Sigh. Guess I will just go and subscribe. The migration looks painful (migrate to version 7, then migrate to version 8). Wish me luck!

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My issue was with Agile Route’s Clipboard History.

Because I use it extensively I would hate to miss it. It was released in 2011. Via the Apple AppStore. But no longer to be found. Nor the developer.

So my search was via Apple Support. To no result. Now the weird part. I turned on “Prevent App Nap” and also “Locked” in the applications Info. And behold it started. And works well. No more messages that is was damaged.

Although obscure method, I am super happy all is well again.



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