Issues with copying and pasting images

I wonder whether we hoi poloi could benefit from an article explaining frames and picture formats. I often save (copy and paste) newspaper and magazine articles to Word, and find that some pictures come down just fine, some are enormous and have to be radically resized, some distort severely and are difficult to deal with at all, and some can’t be resized because when you click on them they link to the original. Why is it so?

It can be confusing, for sure. One of thing things we fight with is that you can paste an image from the Mac into Google Docs, and you can copy an image in Google Docs and paste it within Google Docs, but you can’t copy an image from Google Docs and paste it into another Mac app. The problem is undoubtedly in the format being stored to the clipboard by Google Docs, but it’s a frustrating limitation.

Another issue is that what you see is not always what’s underneath on the Web. For instance, it’s easy to set the size of an image in the IMG tag on a Web page, but the actual image could be larger or smaller, such that when you copy and paste it, you get something that’s radically different in size.