Issue when replying by email on your iPhone in dark mode

When in dark mode on my iPhone, if I get an email notice from a TidBits discussion and want to reply by email (using standard iOS Mail) something about the email formatting in the email I’m replying to forces the background AND the letters I’m typing in to be white. So it’s almost impossible to read what I’m trying to type in.

Can that be fixed?


Yes, turn off Dark mode or use a different email client (Gmail seems to work fine) or reply on the website. :slight_smile:

I see what you’re saying, but I don’t believe I’ve made any changes that would affect this, so if you wanted to chase down the rabbit hole, you could post in the Discourse Meta bug category.

The only thing I can think is that if you choose the Dark theme for how you view the site, maybe that would change how the email is styled? Select the theme here:

Does disabling Dark Mode have any usable effect? Holding the brightness control usually brings up an option to toggle Dark Mode on/off.

I use Dark Mode and always keep the dedicated toggle in Control Center for quicker access (Settings > Control Center).

The icon somehow reminds me of the old Consumer Reports rating dots. :grinning:

Thanks. That works. But that bright light in the middle of the night is annoying. It wood be nice if the but was fixed but apparently there’s no interest in doing that.

The fix is likely something that would have to be made at the Discourse level, so if you want to report the bug to the developers, it will flow through here once it’s in place because I install updates quickly.

Just a couple of notes here.

  1. As you suggested I will try to report a bug.

  2. I don’t want to jump into the world of a different email client. You probably are aware how obsessive I am about email client features. And iOS Mail finally got a message filing interface where you can tap at the top and enter the name of the folder to move to! Even Gmail in iOS doesn’t have that, which I think is weird, since Gmail is so into label.

  3. I don’t use dark mode on my Mac, just on my iPhone and iPad. I could test though.

In the meantime, I’ll report it as a bug I guess.

I hear you about late night device viewing. Off the top of my head, a few low-tech, inconvenient, work around options follow (none of which are ideal):

  1. reduce iOS brightness (can cause difficulty reading text and induce eye strain)
  2. use dark sunglasses :sunglasses:
  3. use “blu-block” glasses (only the seriously orange tinted ones really do anything, but that would cause more vision issues with color)

Just out of curiosity, if Dark Mode is on, does anything change when you alter your TidBits theme to Dark as well (as Adam mentioned)? There could be unexpected results depending on how each of those are set. Might be a helpful detail for bug reporting.

I know… we just gave you more homework.

Forgetting about the extra glasses for a minute :) (I’m talking about when I’m in bed) these settings aren’t clear to me:


If I try changing Dark mode to Pure Black nothing seems to happen.

I did file a bug report though. It’s trivially easy to duplicate! :)


I know what you mean. For me it required changing the “Regular” setting to really kick in. I think the following will work for you to get basic TidBits dark theme:

Theme = “Dark”
Regular = “Pure Black” (left side)
… and …
Dark mode = “Same as regular” (right side)

On my desktop, I can just change Theme = Dark and it does a slightly lighter “dark theme” but the header title of a thread is too grayed out so I use Regular = Pure Black.

I know Discourse now supports auto-Dark mode but I do not see that checkbox here. I recall fiddling with it a bit some time ago and wasn’t sure what the 3rd option was exactly for.

Adam, do you have any idea what the intended difference is?

[apologies, I was wildly editing this to fix a problem when my connection went out]

No idea, sorry. I never use Dark mode on anything because it’s so much harder to read, so I have no sense of what it should or should not be doing.